Colt Spencer of UnZipped Magazine writes in the August 2003 issue.

Let's get physical, Colt Spencer works up a sweat to find out if the instructional video Better Sex Through Yoga for Gay Men lives up to its title.

After finally getting off my butt and into the gym I realize that I've never felt better. I can see the results almost immediately: My body is gaining more definition, my self-esteem has improved considerably, and guys are checking me out more than ever. But, because I have a condition that causes my muscles to tighten up after a workout, my trainer Brent recommends that I do yoga to stay flexible. He also tells me that it will improve my sex life. "Right," I say, thinking he's just kidding.

As my schedule is pretty intense, I don't have time to take one of the classes the gym has to offer, so Brent recommends that I watch a new video, Better Sex Through Yoga for Gay Men. Brent says the instructor is Aaron Star, an attractive yogi who teaches Hot Nude Yoga classes in New York City. Hot nude yoga? Maybe I should give this a try after all…

My boyfriend Chuck is over when the video arrives, so we decide to give it a try together. I pop the tape in and am somewhat disappointed to find that none of the guys in the video is nude (they wear little spandex shorts instead)! Oh well, that doesn't mean Chuck and I can't get naked. After disrobing, we begin to follow the session, working up a pretty intense sweat as we try to keep up with the various poses Star takes us through: Locked Warrior, Prayer Balancing Twist, Dolphin, Cobra, Lunge and, my personal favorite, Downward Facing Dog, which is the perfect position for a really hot fuck.

Although Star and his models go through the hour-long routine as if they've been doing it all their lives, it's a bit difficult for Chuck and I to keep up with the intensity. Thankfully, Star continually reassures us throughout the video that it's OK to "hang out" in any pose if we don't feel comfortable moving into the next one, which is just fine by me. Prayer Balancing Twist is not an easy task. They might as well call it the Human Pretzel.

Star's instruction is reassuring and confident. He touts yoga as a way to help find "stability, inner peace, calmness and a sense of control." All that's just fine, and once the workout is over, the site of Chuck's sweaty body and the rush I've gotten from the exercise have me bouncing off the walls, so I lunge at Chuck. We end up having some of the hottest, sweatiest and downright intense sex of our relationship. I swear I almost hit the ceiling when I come.

Hmmm, turns out this Better Sex Through Yoga thing isn't really a joke after all.

– Courtesy of UnZipped Magazine.


Awesome Aaron!!, December 2, 2003
Reviewer: A viewer from Manhattan The series of postures that Aaron presents at HNY and in "Better Sex Through Yoga" have greatly improved my focus and core strength, and most importantly increased sexual intensity. I have been practicing at HNY for 2 years. I really missed the classes when I was out of town.

Now that I can take Aaron and the class with me on my
lap top/DVD, I keep up with my practice and maintain
my calm state of mind while on the road.Having the DVD
is really the next best thing to being in class.

Thanks Aaron, for a beautifully produced,very informative
DVD, that is also a great workout on the road. Namaste


Great Video Improve you yoga and your life

Aaron Star's "Better Sex Through Yoga: For Gay Men" is a great video. Its easy to follow along and all the asanas have options for everyone...from beginners to advanced yogis. The practice is vigorous--anyone who thinks yoga is not good exercise for the body (as well as the heart and mind) needs to have a look at this DVD. I take it along wherever I go and play it on my laptop in hotel rooms to guide my practice! It's the next best thing to being in class. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Was this review helpful to you?  

A Must Get for those wanting a Better Body for your Head
Reviewer: Ralex from West Palm Beach, Florida After watching Aaron Star's 'Better Sex Through Yoga', I finally found out why Yogis are such great lovers. The key to better sex is through strengthening your inner core. It will prolong your experience making it more satisfying for you and your loved one. I discovered that the Asanas or series of postures have made me a stronger and much more focused person. After practicing along with the tape for several weeks and following along always with the prescribed breathing Ive been able to translate those new acquired skills to the bedside. thanks Aaron
Alex Fernandez
West Palm Beach, Florida
* let me know when part 2 comes out!
Overall Great Yoga Workout, November 26, 2003
Reviewer: A viewer from New York City This is a really great yoga program that will give you a great workout, increase your flexibility and improve your sex life. I go to yoga classes regularly and what I really liked about this tape is the attention to the details of the different poses. Another plus is that it's good for people at all different levels of practice, showing different poses for people at different levels.

Weights To Yoga

A viewer from Chicago I've been doing weight workouts for the past 5 years and people have been saying try yoga. My boyfriend bought us this tape to do with a couple of friends over for the night and I couldn't believe how much more flexable I was afterwards especially downtown \. The instruction is great and the better sex part is actually very true. Even though I pump plenty of iron, I do these tapes once well twice a week. Once on my own, the other time when we all get together, its so much fun to do with a bunch of guys beforehand. I wish I would of gotten this video years ago.

Finally...a Yoga Video that works AND one we can relate to!

Reviewer: A viewer from New York, New York USA I have bought many yoga videos which I have subsequently watched only once, so imagine how thrilled I am to have found one good enough to become part of my weekly exercise routine! Since I travel frequently, I cannot always get to a yoga class. But I now take Aaron Star's video with me on the road, and believe me when I say this is the next best thing to having an instructor right there in the room with me. The pace of the video allows for a great workout, and Mr. Star gives clear and detailed instruction throughout. Lastly, I love the fact that it is specifically tailored to men like me. I have seen a huge improvement in all facets of my life since I have begun practicing yoga, and I cannot recommend this wonderful video strongly enough. Was this review helpful to you?  

Yoga with a Kick

I've viewed a lot of yoga videos and they always leave me cold. They go too slow and I never feel like I learn anything. NOT with this one. You'll break a sweat and actually feel like you've worked out! And the boys are cute too :)
Highly recommended!!

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